To explain further, error #-2147024770 often indicates missing registry files. The quickest and easiest way to resolve this issue is to reinstall the GIFTS software, which in turn reinstalls the files. We strongly recommend following these steps with your in-house IT support present as this may require intervention on their part.

1. From your GIFTS workstation, navigate to C:\Windows\GIFTS.INI
2. Open the file - in the entries provided, you should see a path that leads to a file called 'gifts.mdb'
3. Copy that path, omitting the 'gifts.mdb', then paste that into File Explore > This path should be your GIFTS directory
4. In the GIFTS directory, there should be a setup folder > Open the folder and locate a file named 'setup.exe'
5. Right-click 'setup.exe' and choose 'Run as Administrator'
6. The file will take you through the reinstallation process for GIFTS > Accept all defaults until the reinstall completes
7. Upon completion, launch IGAM > The error should now be clear