My applicant has a recommender who is unable to log in to submit an attachment.

I have an online application form that requires an applicant have a recommender upload an attachment to the application. The applicant input the recommender's email address, and the recommender received the email. However, when the recommender inputs their email address, they receive this error message:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to a request for recommendation. However, you cannot provide input at this time. Please contact the applicant if you have any questions.

I've double checked and the email address is correct. Why can't my recommender log in?

Recommender email addresses at this time are case sensitive. Normally what causes this error message then is that the applicant input an email address with different cases than the recommender is using to log in. A future release of IGAM is expected to resolve this issue.

In the mean time, if you have a recommender who is unable to log in, please contact us with the customer support number for GIFTS listed at which will always have the most up to date information

Please have the
application ID or email address of the applicant experiencing the issue ready when you contact us.


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