Depending on whether or not the payment/deposit is posted we will want to do one of the following....
  1. If the payment has been posted void the payment or void the deposit
  • Depending on what you would like to see you can either choose to leave the deposit amount the same and create an offsetting bank adjustment or you can reduce the total amount of the deposit in Banks. ​
      2. If the payment or deposit has not been posted you can simply delete the transaction. This should reduce the bank register               by that amount.
  • Note: If you choose not to post the payment/deposit and just remove it you will not see any reason for this reduction. Doing this will make it appear as thought the transaction had never been entered in the first place. If, for example, a checked was bounced due to insufficient funds this will show on the actual bank statement but there will not be any record of that in the Bank Register in Student Billing. In order to see this in the bank register you will want to post the transaction and then follow the steps in Step 1.