Matching Gift journal entries for Post Revenue to GL process not updating correctly

Users may notice when processing split matching gift claims that the General Ledger distributions are not correct. For example, if the matching claim of $200 is split two ways, the GL distributions may show $100 applied to claim A and $200 applied to claim B.
This has been resolved. Please download and install the latest Service Pack which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Add a new, or modify and existing Organization's Constituent record to Match gifts by opening the record, clicking on the "Organization Info" tab, under "Matching gift conditions" click add.
2. Set the matching gift conditions to : Type : Employee, Revenue type : Gifts, Matching Factor : 1.00, Min Match : 5, Max Match : 1000, Apply to Relationship type : Employee (all other fields can be left as default)
3. Open a constituent record (we'll call them constituent A) and add an Organization Relationship to the Organization setup in step 1, with the relationship type being employee, check off the boxes for "This is the primary business for constituent A" and "The organization will match contributions for this relationship", save. 
4. Repeat for constituent B using the same settings.
5. Start a new Enhanced Revenue Batch add a $200 gift for constituent A as a Revenue Type : Payment, Application : Donation, select a designation, Payment Method : Cash.
6. Repeat for Constituent B but use $150 for the gift amount.
7. Add the Organization with gift amount of the total of A&B's ($350), Application : Unapplied matching gift claim, Designation : same as A&B, Payment Method : Cash.
8. Update Projected Totals and Validate the Batch, Save & Close, then Commit the Batch.
9. Navigate to Revenue > Reconcile Matching Gifts > Click the Down Chevron for your Organization then Reconcile.
10. If the relationships were set properly, they should show up automatically and click "Apply to" > "Latest Gifts" if the relationships do not show up automatically, manually add the gifts by clicking the Add button on this form.
11. The Transaction Summary Page will now appear, click on the GL Distributions Tab and note that one of the debits and one of the credits has the total amount instead of the correct split amount correlating with the first split. After a user runs the Post to GL process this locks in the incorrect splits to the dbo.JournalEntry table which is causing the GL to be off. The dbo.FinancialTransactionLineItem table reflects the correct splits for this transaction.


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