What happens if I disable a user?
If you disable a user it’s likely because they are a volunteer or employee that may come back in the future. When a user is disabled the only thing that is affected are Scheduled Items. If that user created any scheduled reports, the reports themselves will stay but the scheduled item (under Home > Scheduled Items) that they created will not run according to their schedule. If the report is needed, a different user will need log in and schedule the report under their own account.

What happens if I delete a user?
If you delete a user that no longer works for your organization, it will delete their user role from your database. If they were also a donor and therefore also had a constituent role, that constituent role will remain. Everything, including Queries and Reports, that user created will also remain. In the created and last modified fields, eTapestry will denote next to their login ID that they have been deleted. If that user set up any scheduled reports, the reports themselves will remain but the scheduled item that they created (under Home > Scheduled Items) will be deleted.