In order to add funds to new categories within your Budget in GIFTS Online, we suggest following these steps and let us know if you have any questions:

1. Launch and log into your GIFTS Online site

2. From the top right, click Launch tab > Budget

3. When the Annual Budgets window opens, click on the year where you intend to add new categories and reserve funds

4. Click the arrow icon next to the category where a new Fund will be added (e.g. Scholarships) > select Add Subcategory

5. Enter a name in the Description field and select your Fund/GL Account/Program Area/Payment Type as needed > Once all this is set, click 'Add'

6. This will bring you back to the main Budget listing > Locate the new subcategory you just created following the steps above

7. Click the arrow icon next to your subcategory > Select 'Add Child Reserve Fund'

8. In this screen, add a name in the Description field and the Budget Amount for your new fund > When this is set, click Add

You are now ready to begin using your newly created Budget Reserve Fund.