My applicant's recommenders are being brought to the applicant login page.

I have an online application that requires applicants have recommenders. The recommenders are receiving an email with a link that should ask them for their email address. Once they input their email address, they should be able to upload the letter of recommendation. However, some of my recommenders are clicking the link and being brought to the account manager page that asks for their email address and a password. These recommenders do not have a password. How can my recommenders log in to upload their letters of recommendation?
This issue is caused by a change to the recommender link format in IGAM and the site. Recommender links used to look like this:


Where 'xxx' represents your site ID and 'RL=' is the recommender link. However, recommender links have been updated to this format:

If your applicant's recommenders have a link that resembles the former, then upon clicking the link they will be brought to the applicant account login page. In order for your applicant's recommenders to be able to log in and upload their documents, the applicant must first remove the recommender from the application. Then the applicant must add them as a recommender again. This will trigger a new email being sent to the applicant that will contain a link in the correct format.

This issue is slated to be resolved in a future release.


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