Query Copy Permission Unable to be Removed from System Role

When adjusting permissions for copying a query, this permission is not available in Features in the system role nor is it able to be permissioned in Page Designer and thus users are still able to copy queries when it is desired that they are not able to.

1. Remove permissions for the query view that the query was built on, if the query view permissions are removed the user will not be able to see the query. For example, if this is a constituent query, in the system role remove rights to the constituent query view.

2. In the system role, go to the Information Library folder. Remove permissions for the Query Details View Data form. The users in the system role will no longer see the buttons shown that are mentioned in step 3 in the steps to duplicate above and they will not be able to edit the query definition, but they will still be able to run the query. The users will see the error "The detail form cannot be loaded. The current user does not have rights to use this form" which is expected since they do not have rights.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Analysis\Information library
2. Click the chevron on the left side next to the name of any query
3. Note the following options: Move, Edit, Copy, Merge, Mobilize, Delete, Browse, Create, View Exports, Properties and Assign Permissions (if log into CRM as an administrator)
4. Go to Administration\Security\System roles and find the system role in question
5. Go to the features tab on the system role and click assign permissions
6. Go to the Query folder and note there are no permissions for Copy
7. Go back to Go to Analysis\Information library
8. Go into Page Designer
9. On the top left click on Go to page
10. In the features tab expand out the Tabs\Queries area
11. In the queries tab, see the copy task, click on it and see the error "Record not found"



 Blackbaud CRM

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