Option 1- The easiest and most straightforward, but perhaps the slowest to run:

The Special Donor Export/Listing Report (located under Donor Reports was designed specifically for reporting and/or mailing to donors based on their prior giving history.  You have the ability to select on many gift fields as well as fundid.  It will also provide a single record per donor as well as the information needed to mail or phone ( unfortunately not email) the donor.

The initial screen allows selection on gift dates and total amounts given between the selected dates.   It also allows you to exclude people if they've recently given.   After clicking OK, you can make further selection on Fund and other criteria.

After the report appears on the screen, you may elect to export data, which includes address & salutation, for mailing to the donors.  Depending on the size of your database and the selection criteria, the report might take considerable ( perhaps hours) to create.  See below for other options.

For more information on running this report, go to FIMS Help Online > Index> Donor Reports > Special Donor Export / Listing.

Option 2 - Efficient, fast and flexible, but more involved. This method involves affiliation codes and your favorite export:
  1. Add a new affiliation code to represent the donors in your group ( File Maintenance > Profiles > Profile Code Maintenance > Affiliation)
  2. Run the Profiles > File Maintenance > Add Affiliation for donors utility and select on the gifting period and fund
  3. Using the affiliation code just populated, run any profile report or export or data grid to get your names and addresses.
  4. This process has more steps but typically takes only a few minutes.
Option 3 - Uses Excels Remove Duplicate feature
  1. Run the Gift History or User Defined Gift History Export to capture the gifts.
  2. Open Excel and the exported file
  3. Click on the Remove Duplicate option in excel using the donor idcode column.
Option 1 is slower, but you stay in one process ( remembering to click the export option on the report)
Option 2 is very fast and it provides you with an affiliation code that can be combined with other codes to refine your names.  The selection is limited to dates and fund id and codes and total gift values.
Option 3 is a familiar process and allows for the same flexibility as Option 1 and is typically faster to run than Option 1.  But it does require Excel manipulation to remove the extra lines caused by multiple donations by donors.