Scanning problem with IOS devices and Bluetooth barcode scanners

After updating an iOS device to version 10 or above, when scanning a ticket it will only scan the first digit in Altru or scans the number but doesn't validate. If you go to note pad, it scans all numbers just fine.
For now, we recommend using a lower version, if possible. If not, Android devices and Windows tablets are also working well. We are currently looking into this issue and will update this KnowledgeBase when more information is available.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Obtain a TK-3488 mobile scanner.
2. Acquire a mobile IOS device with version 10 or above.
3. Equip the mobile scanner to the mobile device.
4. Log into Altru.
5. Navigate to Sales> Scan Tickets.
6. Scan tickets.
7.  Notice mixed results from subsequent scans.


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