The form in NetCommunity can pre-populate information from records in Student Billing.  For example, the parent names may show up automatically in the form, and that field is still linked to the record.  If a parent types in the name field and changes the name, if can change the name on the record in Student Billing.

Example:  In the form, Jane Doe is listed first with her information.  Then John Doe.  If John types over Jane Doe's name in the form, then after the form is processed it will update the name on Jane's record in Student Billing.  It is still Jane's record, but it has John's name now.  

If we look at the Student Record, Activity Tab, the name on all of the transactions is different.  It is technically still Jane's record attached to the transactions, but John's name is showing.

To confirm, open Jane's and John's records and click the History tab to see if there was a name change created.

To correct the name:
1.  Open the affected record
2.  Click the Bio 1 tab
3.  On the dark gray bar where the name is located, click the "Edit" button
4.  Change the name back to the correct (original) name
5.  Save

The transactions on the Activity tab will also change back to the correct name in the Owner and Assigned To fields.