Follow the steps below to add sports manually.
  1. From the drop-down menu in the upper, right-hand corner, select Core.

  2. Select Sports & Teams under School.

  3. Click Add Sport.

  4. Enter the following information:

    • Name: Enter the name of the sport (e.g. Basketball).

    • Level: Select the school levels in which the sport is played.

    • Season: Select the season in which the sport is played.

      Note: Sports can only be associated with one season. If the school plays a sport in multiple seasons, you will need to create separate main sports (e.g. Tennis - Fall and Tennis - Spring).

    • Sort Order: Enter a number to determine the order in which the sports will be listed (if a sort order is not entered, the sports will be listed alphabetically).

    • Publish to Front End: Check this option to make this sport and its teams available on the website.

    • Mark Inactive: Check this option if the sport is no longer offered.

    • Description: Enter additional information about the sport.

  5. Click Save & Add Another or Save & Close.

    After a sport has been added, Teams can be created