Users are unable to add Actions in web view

In RE: NXT, certain users without Supervisor rights are unable to add Actions in NXT.  These users can add Actions in the database view but do not have this option in NXT.  In NXT, a user must have rights to edit a constituent in order to add/edit/delete actions to constituents.  
  1. In the database view, navigate to Admin> Security
  2. Open the security group in question under the Groups section
  3. With the security option CONSTITUENT, mark the checkbox for Edit rights for the group
  4. Unmark all edit/delete rights for any other constituent related functionality (ie Biographical, Alias, Address, etc.)
  5. Save and close the security group
  6. In NXT, have the user refresh the page and allow for the security rights to be updated 
After performing this, the user will have rights to add actions in RE-NXT/RE7 but not have rights to modify anything else on constituent records.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to RE: NXT web view
2. Open a Constituent record
2. Under Notes and actions, the option to "Add action" is missing

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