This error can occur in RELO integrations when users have local installations of Raiser's Edge and Web Services. When users host their own Raiser's Edge the integration relies on a secure, consistent Web Services installation. Users are responsible for ensuring the installation location meets the system requirements for your corresponding version of The Raiser's Edge. Disruptions to the service, moving servers, or environemental changes impacting the web service connection can negatively impact a successful connection between Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online. Use the following troubleshooting steps to help address the reported error:
  1. Ensure Web Services is only installed in one location. Multiple installations will create errors and connectivity issues. To fix this you will need to uninstall Web Services on both machines, and then reinstall it on only one machine. Locating multiple installations of Web Services is outside of Blackbaud's scope of support.
  2. Stop and restart Webservices: For versions at or above 1.4.14350.1 of Web Services: 
    • Log in to The Raiser's Edge on the machine with Blackbaud Web Services installed
    • Click on Web Services in the navigation bar
    • Click on Blackbaud Web Services
    • In the Configurations Options screen, click the Stop button to stop Web Services if it's running
    • Click the green Start button to restart Web Services
  3. Check your firewall settings and system requirements to ensure connectivity isn't being blocked.
  4. If Web Services was uninstalled and/or deactivated from your local network this can update the integration GUID (A global unique identifier used to connect your RE and LO. The GUID can be found in the RELO plugin. Click RELO>Options>About and note the Web Service URL). You must contact Support with the updated GUID to reconnect Web Services with Luminate.