Platform Manager
  • Module: All Modules
  • The platform manager role is considered the “super user,” although it doesn't have access to every persona and task. Platform Managers do not have Student, Teacher or Faculty views. If you would like to give one user rights to all areas of the software they should have a Platform Manager role in addition to all other Manager Roles. 
  • Platform Managers can....
    • Create and Run Candidate, Contract, Report Card Grade, and Users Lists.
    • Create and Run Worklists.
    • Create and Run Basic and Advanced Lists
    • Add Personnel Types
    • Create and Edit School Forms
    • Edit Notifications and view Notification History
    • Edit User Profile Data
    • Add New Users
    • Handle Profile Changes
    • Manage Student Enrollments
    • Enroll Incoming Students
    • Withdraw Employees
    • Manage User Files
    • Bulk Upload Temp Passwords
    • Bulk Upload User Photo
    • Manage Roles
    • User Export
    • Edit School and Grade Levels
    • Define Years and Terms
    • Create Departments and Courses
    • Add and Edit Buildings
    • Add Sports, Teams, Athletic Venues and Opponents
    • Add Transferring and Sending Schools
    • Run Master Rollover for all Applications
    • Add and Edit Featured Content
    • Add and Edit Emerency Bulletins
    • Edit Template Access for Mail Merges
    • Add and Edit Communication Templates
    • Add Mail Merge Jobs
    • Create and Edit Sign in and Profile Validation messages
    • Edit Resource Boards
    • View email bounces
    • Edit Settings in Core
Data Manager
  • Module: Core only
  • Data managers can add new users and update existing constituent data in the database using the data refresh task
  • Data Managers Can
    1. Import Data and Perform Data Refreshes. (Core > System Tools > Data import/refresh)
Content Manager
  • Module: School Website and Core
  • Content Managers have the right to add and edit content and content categories. This is done in Core > Content. This cannot be set up in School Website
  • Content Managers can....
    1. Add and Edit Content Information.
    2. Approve Comments in School Website > Approval > News
    3. Edit School Forms in School Website
Admissions Manager
  • Module: Enrollment Management and Core
  • Admissions Managers work in Enrollment Management and have the rights to oversee all parts of the Admissions Process.
  • Admissions Managers can.....
    1. Create Referral Types, Interests, Candidate Statuses, 
    2. Admissions Managers can create and edit Inquiry Forms
    3. View and process online inquiries and review potential duplicate users and create candidates
    4. Make an existing users candidates
    5. Define Decisions, Decision response, Financial Aid Decisions
    6. Can edit, copy and create checklists and milestones. Additionally, users with this role can also mark checklists as inactive 
    7. Create and Process online Applications as well as create accounts for new students and parents.
    8. View/Edit a Candidate's Profile
    9. Create Official Notes and Mail Merges
    10. Enroll, Inactivate and Reapply Candidates
    11. Create work lists
    12. Record Financial Aid
ReEnrollment Manager
  • Module: None - Can only Access Contracts
  • ReEnrollment managers can only create and process contracts for enrollment and deposits. They can also bulk complete checklist items.
  • This role by itself does not allow much access to other modules within the software. This role is best coupled with another role such as the Admissions Manager or the Registration Manager.
Inquiry Manager
  • Module: Enrollment Management and School Website
  • Inquiry Managers can only create, process and report on data from Inquiry Forms
  • For more access it may be better to pair Inquiry Manager roles with an Admissions Manager Role
Academic Group Manager
  • Module: Extracurricular and Core
  • Academic group managers are responsible for controlling access to class pages, RSS and iCal feeds and the notifications that get sent out to students, parents and other staff members.
  • Academic Group Managers can.....
    • Set Access to Class Pages
    • Create new departments and Courses
    • Add Buildings and Rooms
    • Enable the iCal and RSS feeds for course sections
    • Enable and Customize email and text notifications for new and updated assignments
    • Set the default layout for bulletin boards
Athletic Group Manager
  • Module: Extracurricular and Core
  • Athletic Group Managers manage content on Athletic Group pages and the notifications that are sent out to student, parents and other staff members. This role is often offered with the Coach Role.
  • Athletic Group Managers can.....
    • ​Customize and inactivate athletic notifications
    • Add new content to team pages
    • Allow other users to add media to team pages. (pictures, videos, etc.)
    • Enter Scores and Highlights
    • Create Content Editors
    • Select the content types that are displayed on the team page
    • Set Access to Team Pages
    • Access Athletic Reports and Contracts
Community Group Manager
  • ​Module: Extracurricular and Core
  • Community Group Managers are responsible for bulletin boards and notifications that are sent out to parents, students and other members within the Community Groups.
  • Community Group Managers can....
    • Add/Edit members in a "Smart Group"
    • Establish the page settings for Community Groups
    • Create Group Section Pages
    • Determine the display options that appear on Community Pages
    • Customize emails sent to Community Group Members

Attendance Manager
  • Modules: None - Attendance Only
  • Attendance Managers are response for approving and setting up Attendance Entries. This is mainly done in Academics. If Academics has not been purchased, then this role will be available for Extracurricular. 
  • Attendance Managers can....
    • Create attendance and excuse types
    • Enable Extracurricular Attendance
    • Determine if Parents, Students, and/or Faculty can view attendance records
    • Set how attendance is recorded for each school level
    • View/Update a student's attendance history from their Academic Profile
    • Review and Manage Attendance recorded by teachers
    • Manage attendance recorded by student
    • Make changes to attendance entries made by teachers and open attendance up for editing by teachers after it has been submitted.
    • Determine if attendance is recorded by period or by day.
Dorm Group Managers
  • Module: Extracurricular and Core
  • Dorm managers are responsible for managing dorm information including student enrollment into Dorms and the Content that is placed on the Dorm Group pages. 
  • Dorm Group Managers can....
    • Assign Dorm Leaders to Dorms
    • Assign Dorm Group Owners and manage content that is posted to the Dorm Group Page. 
    • Manage dorm groups, buildings, and rooms. 
    • Enroll students into Dorms
    • Rollover Dorm rooms, dorm supervisors, dorm residents, blocks and dorm page settings.

Activity Group Manager
  • Module: Extracurricular and Core
  • Activity Group Managers are responsible for the creation of activities.
  • Activity Group Managers can....
    • Create and Offer New Activities
    • Determine whether or not a student will receive credit for new activities
    • Report on Activities
    • Create Rooms and Blocks in Core
Advisory Group Manager
  • Module: Extracurricular and Core
  • Advisory Group Managers are responsible for setting up advisories and adding/managing advisees.
  • Advisory Group Managers can....
    • Add Blocks and Buildings in Core
    • User Master Rollover to Roll over Advisories
    • View Advisors and Advisees
    • Enroll students in Bulk into an Advisory
    • Transfer one or more students from one section of an advisory to another section of the same advisory.
    • Give access to users to Edit Content in the Advisory
    • Offer Advisory and Create sections for an Advisory.
    • Access School Forms
Grade Book Manager
  • Module: Extracurricular, Academics, Core
  • Grade Book Managers are primarily responsible for the back end set up and recording of grade from teacher's gradebooks.
  • Gradebook Managers can....
    • View teacher's gradebooks
    • Run Master Rollover for Gradebooks to copy marking periods and Gradebook Access
    • Determine who has access to view Gradebooks
    • Record Grades from Gradebooks
    • Access School Forms
    • Setup Letter Grade Scales to give a numeric equivalent to letter grades
    • Define the marking periods that are used with Gradebooks
Page Manager
  • Module: School Website and Core
  • Page Managers can manage pages and content, as well as give access to do this to other users.
  • Page Managers can...
    • Create and Edit the Website
    • Manage Content
    • Approve News
    • Set up Content Editor rights for users
    • Add/Edit Website Redirects
    • Access/Edit School Forms
    • Add/Edit Departments and Courses
    • Add/Edit Buildings
    • Add/Edit Sports and Teams and Opponents 
Giving Manager
  • Module: School Website
  • Giving Managers are responsible for payments and gifts in School Website.
  • Giving Managers can 
    • Create customizable giving forms to collect online donations
    • View recurring payment schedules, stop recurring payments, locate recurring payments and access donor details.
    • Add BBMS accounts to Payment Processing Tasks
    • Enable EFT on the appropriate giving forms
    • Edit a donor's billing address in the Billing Information block on the gift detail page
    • Update existing credit card information or enter new credit cards
    • Process gifts and mark them as handled.
Registration Manager
  • Module: None
  • Registration Managers are responsible for editing and approving Event Registration.
  • Registration Managers can...
    • Approve Event Registration
    • Run Reports on Event Registration
    • Edit Event Registration
    • Edit Event Registration Editor Access
    • Edit Payment Processing
Pushpage2010 Manager
  • Module: School Website and Core
  • Pushpage2010 Managers are responsible for creating and sending Pushpages and managing distribution groups. 
  • Pushpage2010 Managers can...
    • Create Basic Lists
    • Create and Edit Distribution Groups
    • Edit Internet Information and Email Notifications for users.
    • Create, view and edit Pushpage Issues
    • Add and view Pushpage Jobs
    • Create, edit and view Pushpage Templates
    • Run Reports on Pushpages and Email Management
    • Create and Edit School Forms
    • View bounces from Pushpages
    • Edit Optout Settings
    • Edit Pushpage email settings
    • Edit Pushpage Editor Access.
Store Manager
  • Module: None
  • Store Managers are responsible for managing all aspects of the school store.
  • Store Managers can...
    • Manage Store Orders
    • Run Reports on Store Information
    • Edit Store Categories
    • Manage Store Catalog
    • Edit Notifications
    • Add and Edit Product Logos
    • Add Reservation Dates
    • Edit Reservation Period Shopping Cart Settings
    • Edit Shipping and Sales Tax
    • Edit Shopping Cart Settings
    • Manage Order Statuses
    • Add, edit and update accounts for payment processing
    • Create and edit School Forms
Alumni Group Manager
  • Module: Extracurricular, School Website, Core
  • Alumni Group Managers are responsible for
  • Alumni Group Managers can...
    • Create and Run Student Lists
    • Edit Group Page Access
    • Edit Group Page Options
    • Approve Alumni Class Letters and Notes
    • Edit Alumni Content Category Settings
    • Edit Alumni Content Editor Access
    • Edit Class Letter Settings
    • Edit Class Note Settings
    • Edit the Missing Alumni Instructions. These instructions appear on the Search for Missing Alumni page. Alumni Group Managers can leave instructions for Alumni to contact the school with any information regarding lost Alumni.
    • Add and Edit Buildings under Core > Settings > School Information
Comments Manager
  • Module: None
  • Comments Managers are responsible for setting up Comment Types and associated grade levels and approving or denying comments entered by teachers.
  • Comments Managers can...
    • Search for Students in People Finder
      • Note: They cannot view Report Cards, Grade Averages or Transcripts.
    • Review and Approve Comments
    • Run Comments Reports
    • Add and Edit Comment Types in Settings
    • Create and Edit School Forms
Schedule Manager
  • Module: Academics and Core
  • Schedule Managers are responsible for 
  • Schedule Managers can...
    • Search for Students in People Finder
      • Note: They cannot view Report Cards, Grade Averages or Transcripts.
    • Create and run Students, Faculty, and Course Lists
    • View and Edit the Master Schedule
    • View the Section Schedule
    • Set Section Information (Such as the Identifier, Teacher, Room and Block)
    • Add and Edit Special Days
    • Create Schedule Sets and Scheduling Rules
    • Generate Master Schedule
    • View fulfilled/unfulfilled matrix
    • Generate Student Schedule
    • View potential conflicts in the Conflict Matrix
    • View and Edit Student enrollment
    • Add and Edit Scheduling Snapshots
    • Run Reports on the Calendar and Schedule
    • Create and Edit School Forms
    • Add/Edit Buildings under Core > Settings > School Information
    • Add/Edit Blocks under Academics > Scheduling > Schedule Outline
    • Note: Scheduling Managers do not have access to all aspects of scheduling. They will need additional rights in order to do the following
      • Edit Departments and Courses
      • Offer Courses
      • Course Request Setup
      • Access Course Sections
Attendance Managers
  • Module: none
  • Attendance Managers are responsible for setting up, recording and tracking student attendance. 
  • Attendance Managers can....
    • Search for students on People Finder
      • Note: Attendance Managers cannot view report cards, grade averages, or transcripts.
    • Create and Run Basic Lists
    • Record section and student attendance
    • Send messages to teachers
    • Run Attendance Reports
    • Add Attendance Categories
    • Add/Edit Attendance Reasons
    • Edit who can view attendance
    • Edit the Attendance Record Method
    • Create and Edit School Forms
Online Sign Up Managers
  • Module: Academics and Core
  • Online Signup Managers are responsible for 
  • Online Signup Managers can....
    • Search for students in People Finder
      • Note: Online Signup Managers cannot view report cards, transcripts, or grade averages.
    • Run the Requests and Recommendations List
    • Create and Run Basic Lists
    • Approve and Deny Course Requests
    • Select courses to Require and Recommend
    • Run reports on Online Signup
    • Access Course Request Setup
    • Create and Edit School Forms
    • Run Master Rollover for Online Signup
Grading Managers
  • Module: Academics and Core
  • Grading Managers are responsible for setting up grading information for the school year, defining calculations, managing and recording grades, building report cards and transcripts and reporting on grading information.
  • Grading Managers can....
    • Search for students with People Finder.
    • View report cards, Grade Averages and Transcripts. 
    • View Student Ranks
    • Run the Report Card Grades list
    • Create Basic Lists
    • Review Grades
    • Run Grade Calculations
    • Generate Academic Performance
    • Generate Report Cards
    • Generate Transcripts
    • Run the Grade Analysis Report
    • Build Report Cards and Transcripts
    • Edit Transcript Categories
    • Record and Manage Grades
    • Edit constituent access to report cards or transcripts in Manage Exclusions
    • Run Giving and Grading Reports
    • Create Grade Calculations
    • Create Assessment Grading Periods
    • Add and Edit Course Distinctions
    • Create Grade Categories, Grade Plan Groups, Grade Plans and Grade Plan Grades
    • Define School Year Setup
    • Define Grade Translations
    • Offer Courses
    • Add and Edit Tests
    • Define Assessment skills
    • Edit School Address and Grade Levels
    • Run Master Rollover for Grading
Award Manager
  • Module: none
  • Award Managers are responsible for 
  • Award Managers can....
    • Search for Students in People Finder
      • Note: Award Managers cannot view Report Cards, Grade Averages or Transcripts
    • Manage Awards
    • Run Reports on Awards
    • Add and Edit Awards
    • Create and Edit School Forms
Learning Profile Manager
  • Module: none
  • Learning Managers are responsible for creating, adding and approving learning profiles.
  • Learning Managers can....
    • Search for students in People Finder
      • Note: Learning Profile Managers cannot view Report Cards, Grade Averages, and Transcripts.
    • Approve and Review Learning Profiles
    • Run Reports on Learning Profiles
    • Add Learning Profile Forms
    • Edit Learning Profile Settings

Conduct Manager
  • Module: none
  • Conduct Managers are responsible 
  • Conduct Managers can....
    • Create and Run Student, Infraction and Consequences Lists
    • Review and Approve Infractions
    • Run Conduct Reports
    • Add Infractions and Consequences.
    • Create Attendance Rules
    • Create Conduct Thresholds
  • Module: Faculty and Academics
  • Nurses are responsible for tracking student medical data.
  • The Nurse role cannot be impersonated.
  • Nurses can....
    • Access Nurses Office and view the student's Medical Tab
    • Access the Resources Board
    • View Featured Content, Recent Activity, Scoreboard and Archived Content
    • View the Calendar
    • View Directories
    • Create and Edit Medical Forms