The file is rejected by bank after creating EFT for CPA 1464 format

When using the Canadian version of The Raiser's Edge and submitting an EFT file for Direct Debit transactions to the Financial Institution, some banks may reject the EFT format produced by The Raiser's Edge. The Insert Line Breaks utility can be useful to change a EFT transmission file from 2047 characters to 1464 characters
The Insert Line Breaks utility inserts line breaks into the EFT transmission file created from Batch.
If your software is hosted through Blackbaud Application Hosting, you will need to install this utility locally to your local machine; then save the EFT transmission file to your local machine and run the utility against your EFT file.

Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions

* Back up the database
* If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution
* Print and read all of the following instructions before running the plugin.

1. Login to the workstation as a Local administrator
2. Download the plugin that is attached to this article
3. Save the Insert LineBreaks.exe to the local hard drive of any workstation with The Raiser's Edge installed
4. Double click InsertLineBreaks.exe
5. When prompted, unzip the files to the desktop of a local workstation
6. Double click the InsertLineBreaks file on the desktop and browse to your EFT file that is exported
7. Select the type of Line Break indicator and click OK
8. The original file is preserved with "_ORIGINAL" at the end of the file name.  Use this file if you need to rerun the utility.


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