Event Registrant Batch Basic marks Constituent with Guest as "Will not attend"

When adding constituents to an Event Registrant Batch Basic, after committing, you may notice constituents who registered a guest are marked as "Will not attend".  

This only happens when the "registrations count" value on the CRM Event Record is set to 1.  If the number is set to 2 or higher, both the registrant and the guest will be marked as "registered." 

This is the correct result when the "registrations count" value for the registration option on the CRM Event Record is set to 1 and you include a guest.  If this value is set to 1 and you include a guest, this means that the person purchasing the registration is not the person attending, and thus the registrant is marked as "Will Not Attend."  

There are a couple methods that can be used to avoid this scenario:

  1. If both the registrant and the guest will be attending, select a more appropriate registration option that includes a registrations count >1.  (i.e., select a "Couple" or "Group" registration option instead of a "Single" registration option)
  2. Adjust the registrations count on this registration option so that it includes multiple participants per option.
  3. Instead of adding a guest to a registration configured for only 1 ticket per option, you can create two separate registrants for that registration option.  (i.e., instead of selecting "Single" and adding a guest, you can just enter two "Single" tickets and apply one payment to both registrations)


Steps to Duplicate

1.   Navigate to Batch Entry. Click Add and create a new Event Registrant Batch Basic batch.
2.   In the batch, complete the following fields:
          a.   Select an event (make note of the event name)
          b.   Select a constituent for the Registrant field (make note of the constituent selected)
          c.   Select a Registration option
          d.   Select one unnamed guest in the Guest field
3.   Save and close the batch.
4.   Commit the batch.
5.   Navigate to Events and search for the event you selected in the batch.
6.   On the event record, navigate to the Registrations tab.
7.   See that the constituent selected in the batch is marked as "Will not attend" while their guest is marked as "Registered".  


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