When you post a Gift, FIMS moves the information to Gift History and creates a G/L Journal entry for the Gift using the accounts chosen on the GL Account tab of the gift. If the interface with the General Ledger is enabled, posting your Gifts makes the appropriate debit and credit journal entries in the General Ledger. In order for those entries to update General Ledger accounts (affecting the Fund balance), the General Ledger journals must be posted. 

It is possible that this process wasn't completed when you posted the gift to history, and the entries are probably in the Journal Entry portion of the General Ledger module.

To find:
  1. Open the GL module
  2. Click the Journal Entry supertab- if a quick scan of the journals listed doesn't find your missing gifts, move to step #3
  3. Click the Processes tab
  4. Choose GL Journal Edit Report
  5. Run Process
  6. Choose the Gift date range that will include the missing gifts
  7. Select Journal Key "GI"
  8. Run Report
You can search the report for one of the gifts in your batch or for Step 7 above, choose the Reference number and enter a gift number you're searching for.  If the gifts show in this report, then they are unposted and need to be posted.  In that case, you can post them directly from the report, clicking on Post Journal at the top of the report.

If you don't find the gifts on this report, you may want to re-confirm the report selections and re-run.
It is also possible that, for some reason, the entries were deleted before posting.  If you can't find the entries, call Fims Support to help you determine if you need to re-create the GL entries.