By creating an import file of all the phone numbers in the database, users can then use a Pivot table in Excel to find out how many each constituent has. 
  1. Create a Constituent Phone import file (CSV format), including at least the fields: Constituent ID, Phone Import ID, Phone Number, and Phone Type. How to create an import data file (export) using Import
  2. Open the import file that is created. 
  3. Highlight all the data, then go to Insert > PivotTable.
  4. Click OK to place the Pivot Table on a new worksheet.
  5. In the Pivot Table, place PhoneImpID in the Values section, and ConsID in the Row Labels section. 
  6. The table will show, next to each Constituent ID, how many phone numbers are on their record. By searching these constituent records in the database, you can find and remove any unneeded phones/emails. 
More information on working with Pivot Tables can be found here:

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