Why are addresses being updated in all CAPS by AddressFinder when they are only standardized and this option isn't selected?

When updating all addresses with AddressFinder results in CRM users may notice that addresses that were only standardized are now in all caps even though this option wasn't marked in the Data Tune-Up Settings.  This article gives further details on this issue.
This issue was resolved on 4/27/2017 and doesn't require any updates to be applied by clients.

If your organization experienced this issue and has Address Validation then validating the impacted addresses will properly case the addresses.  In the event that your organization doesn't have Address Validation please complete the following steps:
  1. Resubmit the addresses for AddressFinder processing
  2. Email AddressFinder@Blackbaud.com and include the following:
    • Your organizations Site ID
    • Your organizations name
    • The number of addresses resubmitted
    • Reference this Knowledgebase article


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