Cross referencing donation forms and campaigns is our way of creating associations between gifts made Luminate Online, and objects created in The Raiser's Edge. When cross referencing donation forms we can cross reference a form to funds, campaigns, and appeals in The Raiser's Edge. Below is an example of how we could use cross referencing to track a donation in Luminate Online and have this sync to The Raiser's Edge.
  1. Create an object in The Raiser's Edge e.g. an appeal
  2. Create a corresponding email in Luminate Online.
  3. Create a donation form in Luminate Online
  4. Create a link to a donation form in the email
  5. Cross reference the donation form to the appeal we created in step 1
Donations made on the form created in step 3 will sync to The Raiser's Edge with the object created in step 1. This will allow us to track which donations came from which email messages/campaigns. This same concept can be applied to donations originating from other sources twitter, Facebook, etc. We would want to ensure that when following the steps that the donation form and link to it are unique to the platform we are attempting to track the source of.