The Social Media Icons at the Bottom of DIY Form Open a Blank Window When Clicked

At the bottom of a DIY form is a 'Share This Form' section with several social media icons. A donor can click these icons in order to share the page through their social media account:
Share This Form
When one of these icons is clicked however, a blank window is open and no sharing options appear.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

This is currently being caused by dash characters, '-', in the URL of the DIY form. For example, a page with a URL of would not be able to load the sharing windows, but a page with a URL of would have no issues.

You can update your page to remove any dash characters in the URL, which will resolve the issue:
1. Click Management in the menu
2. Click DIY Forms
3. Click Edit next to the form to open it
4. Click the Settings button in the upper left hand corner
5. Edit the URL field so that no dash characters are used
6. Click Update at the bottom of the Settings window
7. Click Save>Yes, Save My Draft
8. Click Go Live>Yes, Go Live>Replace

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Management in the menu
2. Click DIY Forms
3. Click the link beneath URL to open the live DIY page
4. Click on one of the social media icons in the 'Share This Form' section at the bottom of the page
5. A blank window will open within your browser

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