Please try the following to resolve the issue:
  • Ensure you have Java and JavaScript enabled in your browser and try creating your account again.
  • Clear your browser cache, cookies, and temporary Internet files and create the account or sign in again.
  • Reset your Blackbaud ID password even if you are creating a new account as an account with the same email may already exist.
  • Try using a different browser. If this happens only with Internet Explorer 11, follow Cannot access Blackbaud products in Internet Explorer since SSO.
  • Try using your phone or tablet if it uses your data and not your organization's WIFI. If you are able to log into your Blackbaud ID with your phone or tablet, then something on your organization's firewall or network is blocking your access. Work with your IT department to allow you access.
    • Your network/firewall may have Malware or a Trojan virus blocking you from accessing the site.

Note: If you selected to sign up with your Google account or use Google as your email application, select the sign in with Google option.

If needed, click Chat with Support and reference this article.