We support two tools to create Custom Reports: Crystal reports and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services to be referred to as MSRS.

Customer Support CAN NOT assist with the following:

• Crystal reports or MSRS training
• Crystal Reports or MSRS report development
• Creating, editing, or troubleshooting any customer-created report, including but not limited to:
• Formulas
• Variables
• Parameters
• SQL syntax
• Sub-reports


• Non-Blackbaud database syntax questions
• MSRS Report Manager, Report Server Web Service, MSRS Report Builder, or Reporting Services API
Report deployment or security

Customer Support is able to assist with:

Troubleshooting a custom report that is not running properly due to the following reasons:

• Missing database location
• Missing database file
• Missing data within a report if data was extracted from a Blackbaud solution
• Issues within our service delivery environment for hosted clients


Finding documentation in our Knowledgebase and User Guides on the following topics:

• Creating a custom report
• Designing and formatting
• Using variables and formulas