1. Does each guest pass have a unique pass ID?
    • The ID number is unique for that set (bulk) of guest passes. 
  2. Can you query on guest pass information?
    • Yes there are additional nodes in query for guest passes. There are nodes under Sales Orders\Sales Order Item\Sales Order Item Ticket\Guest Passes to see which guest passes have been redeemed. There are also nodes under Constituents\Guest Passes to see how many guest passes constituents may have.
  3. Can you run a report on guest passes?
    • Yes, there is a report named Guest Passes Report under Sales. This report can be filtered on Issued date, Redeemed date, as well as the user who issued and redeemed the guest pass. 
  4. How fast can the guest passes be used?
    • Guest passes can be used immediately on sell with a membership in the cart that contains a guest pass benefit. 
  5. Can the ID number be used to search for guest passes to redeem instead of constituent name?
    • Guest passes are tied directly to the constituent record. The only way to search for guest passes in the Apply Passes screen is to search for the constituent record. Best Practice is to have the constituent name or constituent ID of the patron that was issued the guest pass displayed on the guest pass.   
  6. What security roles can manage guest passes?
    • Membership Manager or the Guest Services Manager role. 
  7. Can guest passes be sold as an add-on for memberships?
    • These are not available to sell as an add-on at this time. 
  8. Do guest passes show up in the General Ledger?
    • These would be treated the same way as benefits do in the GL. 
  9. Can you specify how many guest passes can be used for certain programs?
    • The total number of guest passes can be used for any programs that are set up through Tickets > Guest Passes. There is not a way to limit how many of the total guest passes are applied to certain programs.