How do I adjust Gifts and Pledges without Posting to the GL?

Is there a way to adjust gifts and pledges without posting to the GL?
You may find in some situations that you would like to make adjustments to gifts and pledges and not have those changes posted to the GL. In order to do that follow the steps below:

1. Go to Tools\System Utilities\System Initial Setup.
2. Go to the Posting tab
3. In the bottom left section in the G/L System Controls section, uncheck the boxes for Post Gifts to G/L and also Post Pledges to G/L.
4. Click OK
5. Make the needed adjustments for the gift and pledge and run the edit and post reports
6. Go back to Tools\System Utilities\System Initial Setup\Posting tab and re-check the boxes.

Note: It is important to change re-check the boxes above in step 3 immediately after making the adjustments so that any future gifts and pledges will be posted correctly.



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