Check the link and confirm the link type.
  1. While editing your message, click within the hyperlink
  2. Navigate to Insert>Link to open the link window
    • If the link type is Create a link to a Blackbaud NetCommunity page, special page or document, follow the steps below. When using these type of links, the Primary Site URL is used to generate the links. Confirm the Primary Site URL is correct.
      1. Navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings
      2. Click the site in the left hand menu
      3. Confirm the Primary Site URL. If the Primary Site URL is incorrect, update it and confirm you're logged into the correct URL
      4. Click Save if any changes were made
    • If the link type is Create other type of link
      1. Copy the URL out of the URL: section
      2. Open a new tab or window and paste the URL
        • Does the link resolve successfully? If not, locate the correct link and update the link within the link editor

If the page is redirecting unexpectedly see this article.