Mini-Donation form won't go to the payment page after pressing Donate Now

 When using the Mini donation form (Beta)  in BBIS , after completing the set up steps when you press the Donate Now button nothing will occur. 
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Use the Design tab for the Donation Form - Mini (Beta) part to configure the form and customize it for
your organization.
2. In the Donation form message section, you can use the HTML editor to create a custom message to
display on the form or you can use the default message.
3. In the Designation section, select the designation that you want associated with donations made using
this form.
4. In the Appeal section, click Add appeal to search for and select the appeal that you want
associated with the donations made using this form
5. Under Giving levels, you can set up suggested giving levels to display on the donation form.
6. On your website, use the Donation Form - Mini (Beta)
7. Donors can select their donation amount or enter a different amount in Other, then click Donate Now - nothing occurs from here


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