I have variances in the Reconcile Subsidiary Modules report. I don't know how to start figuring out the issues.

My Reconcile Subsidiary Modules with G/L report is showing variances.  How to I find out what is causing them?
The attached document will provide some guidance to finding and fixing variances.

In general, a variance will occur when:
  • An adjustment process was not properly initiated in the outer module
  • A manual journal entry was processed to fix a problem
  • A grant was improperly adjusted in AP and not in Grants
  • A grant refund didn't have the cash properly recorded or the grant wasn't adjusted
  • A gift revenue account was used for a non-gift or vice versa
  • Pledge revenue is not kept separate from Gift revenue
  • Journals were edited before posting ( or deleted)
  • The GL accounts in the report set-up are incorrect.
  Reconcile Subsidiary Modules with GL.doc



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