Adjustments have been made to the Grade Plan section of Academics. Options that were once typed into a text field by a user are now pulled in via a drop-down menu. 
  1. Go to Academics > Grading setup
  • To create new Grade Plan names (ex: MS Trimester 1), click on Grade Plans
  • To create new Grade names (ex: Term Grade, Exam Grade), click on Grade plan grades
  • To create new Assessment Skills (ex: Actively Engages in Problem Solving), click Assessment Skills
What was previously labeled as Grade Plans is now called School Year Setup. This section will look very similar to the previous setup for Grade Plans. The major difference is when creating a new Grade Plan, fields that were once text based will now be pulled from a drop-down menu.
  • Plan Description will come from the Grade Plan section
  • Grade names will come from the Grade plan grades section
  • Assessment grade names will come from the Assessment Skills section