How to add or remove the Customize Tiles tab on a constituent record

Users who are not System Admins may see that they are missing the Customize Tiles button on a constituent record and need this added. 
This tile controls what is displayed for the constituent such as Contact Information, Address, etc. 
The users who cannot view the Customize Tiles need to have a specific feature permission set

1. In CRM go to Admin > Security > System Roles (Choose which ever role you have the users in)
2. Features > Assign feature permissions 
3. Scroll down to Constituents (expand that view) > Within that Scroll down to Summary (Expand that view) > Click on Record Operations and Grant those ( the main one your looking for is Constituent Summary Selected Tiles )

If you need to remove this tile then the steps can be done, the only change is on step 3 either Deny or Clear those Record Operations out. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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