What we want to do to correct this is mark all tables for that profile to resync to CRM.  This will get the data between the two matched up.
  1. Log into FIMS
  2. From the menu, Tools > System Utilities > FIMS CRM > Mark FIMS Records for Sync
  3. Check the box "Mark All Tables to Sync"
  4. Uncheck the box "Use Date"
  5. Under the IDCode section, type in the FIMS profile ID in both the "From ID" and "Through ID" fields
  6. Click on the Apply button
  7. A pop-up box will appear and say "### records have been marked to be synced."  Click ok.
  8. Click on the Done button.
  9. You can now run a FIMS-CRM sync from the FIMS-CRM menu or wait for the next scheduled sync to run.  After the next sync is complete, the profiles should appear the same in both FIMS and CRM.