The word 'Solicitor' in a report title changes to 'Canvasser' upon saving to Favourites

Some users may find that the word 'Solicitor' in a report title is changed to 'Canvasser' when it is saved to the Home page through Favourites. 

This issue is under investigation. 

This article will be updated at such a time as we have a solution to this issue. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Reports>Analytical Reports>Comparative Reports.
  2. Create a New Report.
  3. Click to Save and give the report the title 'Testing Solicitor Title' 
  4. Go to Favourites> Add to Favourites
  5. Leave the name unchanged and select a location to save to, then click 'OK'
  6. Close the report.
  7. Navigate to Home and see that the title of the report has changed to 'Testing Canvasser Title'


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