Constituents still have address updated even with address standardization turned off - When importing an Enhanced Revenue Batch

Even with address standardization turned off and constituent updates set to ignore similar addresses, you might notice that street abbreviations overwrite existing similar addresses when importing an ERB.
In this scenario we expect the information to be updated because the Constituent update rules do NOT apply when data conflicts under these circumstances:
    •     When you edit a constituent using the Edit an individual screen or the Edit an organization screen.
    •     When you add a constituent through manual Constituent Update and Enhanced Revenue batches and include the constituent ID.


Steps to Duplicate

1) Create a constituent and add an address with the street suffix spelled out. (ie: 84 Main Street).
2) Create another constituent with an address that has a direction. (ie: 62 West Palm Rd.)
3) In Administration > Global Data Entry Settings > Turn off Address Standardization. In the Constituent Updates section, have Address updates for similar and dissimilar addresses be ignored.
4) Import revenue for these constituents using an Enhanced Revenue Batch.
5) Using the New/Edit Constituent Collection field, map the address information for these two new constituents.
6) For the constituent created in step 1, abbreviate the street suffix (ie: 84 Main St.)
7) For the constituent created in step 2, abbreviate the direction (ie: 62 W Palm Rd.)
8) Import the batch.
9) Go to the newly created batch and click on the Edit constituent button
10) Notice that the address has changed to the value specified in the import file and the existing address is overwritten.


 Blackbaud CRM

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