1. Navigate to Configuration > Netclassroom > Features. 
2. Ensure that the Registration feature is turned on for students. 
3. Next, select Registration Set-Up from the menu on the left hand side. 
4. Select Course Requests for the current academic year.
5. Open the affected Registration Group.
6. Change the Start Date to something else. 
7. Click OK. 
8. Navigate out of Configuration/Netclassroom by clicking on a different module. 
9. Navigate back to Configuration > Netclassroom > Registration Set-Up. 
10. Open up the Registration Group that was just edited. 
11. Change the start date back to the original date. 
12. Navigate out of Configuration > Netclassroom. 
13. Log into Netclassroom as the affected student. See 'Enter Course Requests" available in Registration drop down.