Recently, we were made aware of an issue that affects Scheduled Reports and will cause them to intermittently fail to send. We have notified our Development teams of this and they are continuing to investigate.

To confirm if your report was affected by this issue, please take the following steps:

1. Launch and log into your GIFTS Online site
2. From the Dashboard, go to Launch > Scheduled Reports
3. On the Scheduled Reports screen, look up the Report that failed to send > You may even notice under the 'Status' column that there is a message stating "Check results for errors" > Double-click the Report to open it
4. Once the Report Schedule for your report is pulled up, click 'Results' in the left-most column of the page > Review the latest entry and take note of any Error ID that appears
5. Reach out to Blackbaud MicroEdge GIFTS Support with the Error ID so that we can check it against the existing case with our Developers 

In the meantime, the most efficient way past this problem is to run the scheduled reports manually. Please let us know if you have any further questions by calling 877-704-3343 or navigating to