Unfortunately by the setup there is no way to submit a stage two without first submitting a stage one. You can create a single stage from your Stage 2

1. Click your Stage 2 form
2. Select Actions
3. Click Save a Copy
4. Update the Title and click Save
5. Click on the New Form
6. Choose Actions,
7. Click Edit Properties
8. Uncheck the Require Tax ID to be on file in the IRS Database checkbox
9. Update the Stage Drop down menu to Single Stage.
10. Click Ok.
11. Activate the form.

You can now send the form url to your applicant.

This allows you to have the same questions asked without having a brand new form created, and removes the need for an IRS check if you know for a fact that they are charitable. Please also verify that none of your fields are set to Populate with Gifts Value.