In eTapestry

1. Click Management
2. Click Address Finder (NCOA)
3. Click the blink link that says "Click Here" just above the NAICS Code field

This link will open a link to the NAICS website, which includes all of the NAICS Codes. Once you locate the appropriate code, you can enter it on the NCOA screen in eTapestry to schedule the AddressFinder service.


In Raiser's Edge NXT webview

1. Login to RE NXT Webview
2. Select Tools>Data Health
3. Select Update agreement link
4. Enter the NAICS code in the appropriate field
5. Click Save

Because this is not a code provided or managed by Blackbaud, Blackbaud Support is not able to provide recommendations on which code to use when running the AddressFinder service. This link provides the NAICS Search for you to locate the appropriate code for your Organization.
NAICS Code Search

NOTE: When searching the NAICS Site, you must drill down by clicking the links until you have a 6 digit NAICS code.  Codes less than 6 characters are not valid and will not be accepted.