The full link name will always have these parts:
StandardUnique Database NameURLStandard
  • The Standard items cannot be changed and will remain the same for all DIY forms.
  • The URL item can be edited at any time in the Settings of the form.
    • Click Management > DIY Forms
    • Click the blue Edit button next to the form you’d like to update
    • Click Settings
    • In the URL field, fill in the new URL you’d like to use
    • Click Update
    • Click Go Live
    • Click Yes, Go Live
    • Click Replace
    • Make sure to update any hyperlinks or re-embed with the new URL!
  • The Unique Database Name is something hard coded in your database. This is how we reference your organization's data on our servers, so it's not something you have the ability to edit freely. You can see this name under Management>My Organization>Persona. How to Change the Unique Name or Unique Database Name (Unique DB)