When I open a review in GIFTS Online, I'm seeing an error message inside my long text fields. How can I fix this?

I assigned reviews to my reviewers in GIFTS Online, but when the reviewer opens the review, several of the fields appear to show error messages in the text fields. The error message only appears in text fields and looks like this:
System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid. 
at MicroEdge.Gifts.Search.Engine.Calculators.TextFileCalculator.CalculateResult(SearchResultBuilder resultBuilder, IViewColumn viewColumn) 
at MicroEdge.Gifts.Search.Engine.Calculators.CalculatorBase.CalculateResultSafely(SearchResultBuilder resultBuilder, IViewColumn viewColumn) 

How can I resolve this?
This error Is most commonly seen in new GIFTS Online clients who have converted from an ORACLE installation to GIFTS Online. The error seen is caused by an issue with data types on the database. In order to resolve this, please reach out to the helpdesk at 877.704.3343 or submit a case through the PowerME tab at Community. Please be sure to include the URL of your GIFTS Online site in order to best assist you.


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