Why Am I Receiving An NFG-003 Error When I Try To Donate Online?

Users of our AngelPoints system that have the Giving module can easily donate funds to those Organizations who are eligible. However, some Organizations choose to opt out of receiving online donations for their own reasons.
The NFG portion of the error stands for Network For Good, our partner in donation management. The reason this error appears is because the Organization in question has opted out of receiving online donations and their site is advising us of this through the error code.

Since it falls on the Organization in question whether to opt in or out, we suggest forwarding them the attached document labeled 'Opt-In to Guidestar.docx' if they wish to opt in to receiving online donations once more. They will be the ones to make the final call and must provide alternate means of donation if they will not accept any donation through online means.
  Opt-In to Guidestar.docx

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