I have 2 duplicate organizations in my system that I need to combine or consolidate

I have 2 duplicate records for one organization in my system and I would like all of the information to be contained under one record
There is a function in GIFTS Online that allows you to combine two records maintaining all information stored underneath both of them into one record.

1. Go into the search area and search for both of the organizations
2. Once you have found both organizations click the check box to the left of each organization.
3. There is an option under actions to consolidate duplicates. (Please note that this option only appears when you have 2 records selected)
4. You are now presented with a selection for the valid record and the duplicate. You can press the arrow in this box to move back and forth which record is the duplicate and which one will be valid.
5. Click through to consolidate the records, you will then be asked if you want to delete the duplicate records which you do want to do.

The records should now be combined.


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