How do I migrate my Access GIFTS or Alta directory to a new file server?

When your company has to update their file servers and they need to move the GIFTS or Alta (Access) directory to the new server.
1. Copy the GIFTS directory to the new server.
2. FROM A GIFTS workstation browse to the C:\\window\gift.ini and rename the gifts.ini file to oldgifts.ini (do not delete until testing is complete)
3. Create a Map drive with full rights for the GIFTS \ Alta users workstation to the GIFTS directory and all sub-folders
4. Browse to the GIFTS directory on the new server and locate the setup folder and open it and now locate the setup.exe and right click on it and run the executable as the administrator.
5. You will go thru the wizard prompts excepting the default settings all the way to Finish.
6. Test by logging into GIFTS \ Alta 
7. To finish the setup from the first workstation sign into GIFTS \ Alta as the Admin user
8. Go to the Administrator module and click on setup and choose preferences and then select external
9. Verify that the Template, documents and reports paths are now pointing to the correct path for the new file server. If not put your cursor in each field (template, documents and reports) and click browse at the bottom of form and browse to the correct path. Once that is complete click on OK
10.Test by opening documents and merging templates and running reports


 Windows 7 (32-bit);Windows 7 (64-bit);Windows 10 (64-bit)

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