Please contact us with the customer support number for GIFTS listed at which will always have the most up to date information, . Please provide the Reviewer's name, email, and contact record ID number.

Bear in mind, if the Reviewer is also a user of Blackbaud Grantmaking, they may choose to reset their Blackbaud Grantmaking password - once they take this step, they can then launch Reviewer Portal from within their Dashboard:

1. Launch and log into Blackbaud Grantmaking
2. From the Dashboard, go to Launch tab > scroll to Reviewer Portal > Click Reviewer Portal to launch
3. Reviewer Portal will launch in a new window

NOTE: In some rare cases, if your Reviewer has reset their password within the past 24 hours and somehow forgets it in that time, then tries to click 'Forgot Password?' on the Reviewer Portal site, they will receive a message from the system explaining that they must wait out the 24 hour period before resetting again. There is nothing we can do to assist here; the Reviewer must wait until this time passes before attempting to reset and log back into the system.