Letter sent to donor through email is missing a decimal point

Within a template used to generate thank you's or receipts, the Received field is used to display the amount given by the donor. When a preview of this letter is generated, the Received amount displays correct (ex: $100.00). However, when the receipt or thank you is sent via email to the donor, the decimal is removed so that the Received amount is incorrect, making it appear as though the donor gave more than they actually did (ex: $10000).
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Search for and open the donor's account in eTapestry
  2. Click on the Journal link in the account header
  3. Click on the transaction you are generating a receipt for
  4. Click Create Documents at the bottom
  5. Select PDF
  6. Select the receipt or thank you template in the drop down menu in the 'Select Template' section
  7. Confirm that the Received value displays correctly in the Preview panel
  8. Click Next
  9. On the Delivery step, check off 'Automatically email documents to accounts with email addresses'
  10. Select 'Use the document's contents as the body of the email itself
  11. Fill in the Subject
  12. Click Next
  13. The donor will receive the receipt or thank you via email, but the amount will be displayed without the decimal

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