Revenue Update Batch will not update Constituent with Finder Number to Household after upgrade to SP11

Using an out of box Revenue Update Batch to update a Constituent payment, with a Finder Number connected, to a Household or Organization, when you validate the batch it will change back to the Constituent.
The ability to change this in previous versions/service packs was a bug that was resolved.  The functionality should not allow us to change the constituent while keeping the finder number.  This is evident as well by how the one off add and edit forms work.  If a user wishes to keep the marketing effort information while changing the constituent record we'll need to clear out the finder number information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Using a Marketing Effort with a finder number already created & have already added a payment with this finder number
2. Click Revenue tab
3. Create a Batch using a Revenue Update Batch
4. Add the Revenue in question
5. Click the Constituent Search, and change the Constituent to an Organization
6. Popup: Would you like to reset the recognition credits to default for this change? Click - Yes
7. Click Update Projected Totals
8. Click Validate
9. See that the constituent changes from Organization to Constituent


 Blackbaud CRM

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