1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Find an Account
  3. Search for and click on the donor's name
  4. Click Journal
  5. Click the Pledge entry
  6. Click the Pledge Information heading
  7. Click Modify Existing Schedule
  8. Below the Schedule Information heading, select either a Standard or Custom Schedule
    • If you mark Standard, select the Frequency, First Installment Date, and Amount of the payments
    • If you mark Custom, fill in the Installment Date, and Installment Amount and Click Add; repeat for all remaining installments
  9. Click Save and Go to Journal
Please note, if you have already received payments for this Pledge, you will want to include those payment dates when modifying the schedule. For example, if you received two payments on a pledge on January 1 and February 1, but then need to change their payments to processing on the 15th starting in March, you would still enter January 1 and February 1 into the new schedule. The database will then assign the January and February payments to the correct dates on the schedule.