To list courses based on the department you will need to use the department ID. This can not be found by looking up the department as this is a unique identifier that is located in the back end of the software. Follow the steps below to successfully filter on certain departments when creating an advanced list.
  1. Start with a new advanced list or a list template.
  2. On the Select Objects tab,  expand Academic Groups and select the following:
    • Select Course Group
    • Select  Course Base
    •  Select Course Group
    • Select  Course Department
    • Select Academic Department.
User-added image
  1. Select Display Fields > Select Select Fields
  2. Expand Course Group > Course Base > Course Department > Academic Department > Select Department Id
    • Note: At this point, it may be good to add Course Name, etc from under Course Detail
  3. Select  Preview
  4. Review the list of courses and locate a course that falls under the desired department. Make a note of the Department ID as this will be used later in filters.
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  1. Select the Filters tab
  2. Under Object Filters, add a row for Academic Department.Department ID 
  3. 10. In the Condition window, choose equal to and enter the Department ID.
  4. User-added image
  5. (The image above shows how this would be set up if multiple departments should be included in the Advanced List.)
  1. Add any additional filters or display fields and preview results. 
  2. Save & Exit