This is typically due to the placement of merge fields in the letter being used for the membership card process. Follow the below steps to edit the letter, upload it back into Altru and re-run the membership card process once more:
  1. Navigate to Marketing and Communications>Letter Template Library
  2. Under tasks, click on Generate header file
  3. Next to Letter type, select Membership card and click OK
  4. Save this file to your computer
  5. Click the drop down next to your letter and select Edit
  6. Click on your letter hyperlink to open in Word
  7. If not already completed, Perform a Mail Merge
  8. Delete the Rule <<Next Record>> from the second card as seen here:
User-added image
      9. Enter the Rule <<Next Record>> onto the first card, as seen below:

User-added image
    10. Save this file to your computer
    11. In the edit letter template screen in Altru, click Choose file and upload your new letter
    12. Click Save
    13. Navigate to Membership>Print membership cards
    14. Click on your membership card process and clear the results
    15. Start process and once completed, Print cards