1. Click Queries
  2. Click Manage Queries
  3. Select the category where you would like to store this query
  4. Select New Query under the Tasks menu
  5. Name the query 
  6. Set the Starting Query to Base/All Constituents
  7. Set the Data Return Type to Accounts
  8. Under Criteria Matching, select Match Each Criteria if you are only searching for one name, or select Match At Least One Criteria if you are searching for multiple names
  9. Select Account from the Browse Fields drop down menu and click on the name or salutation field you'd like to search (for example, Account Name or Envelope Salutation)
  10. Fill in the person's name
    • If you need to search for more than one person's name, click the plus icon and search for the additional person's name (repeat this step until you've added all of the names that you'd like to search
  11. Click Save and Preview
Please note, you can search for part of a person's name or salutation by using a wild card search. For more information about wild card searches, please see What are the eTapestry wild card searches?